Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I left for 1 week and my little man decides to grow up on me while I'm away. He is talking so well now. I can have a normal conversation with him and he understands. Unbelievable.

We also just reached another mile stone. I decided to let him take a nap yesterday (Monday) in a big boy bed. So, I took the crib rail off and tried it. I only had to go back in their once to tell him to get back into bed. He fell right asleep. Then and bedtime that night, Brian and I couldn't decide if we should let him try it for night time or if we should put the rails back on. We decided to chance it. He went right to sleep. He didn't get out once. WOW! could it be? So, nap today went perfect again. I didn't even have to go in there. Here's my little boo sleeping so good in his big boy bed.

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