Monday, June 27, 2011

Piano Recital 2011

We are so sad that we are loosing our Piano teacher, Anne Katherine to BYU in the fall. She has been a great motivator and teacher for Brooklyn. We will surely miss her.

Brooklyn had a great recital last night. She played two songs. They were both songs she had been working in for so long, she was getting sick of playing them. She did memorize them both, but at the last minute she wanted the sheet music. I think that is what messed her up a couple times. These were very hard songs and she did fantastic! I had a proud mommy moment last night for sure.

"Bermuda White Caps"

(This video won't download, I'll try a seperate post for it.)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kindergarten... Here we come

I have a 5 year old boy ready to start KINDERGARTEN in the fall! If we can only make it through this summer...

Gavin had his Pre-school graduation in May and was very proud that he passed! I had no doubt. Although he is a wild, rambunctious kid, he is smart and yearning to learn more on a daily basis.

This was his Teacher Ms. Gretchen

Teacher: Ms. Shannon

And his best friend, yes I said his best friend in his class. Her name is Sammy. We sang songs about Sammy at home all year. We made up poems about her. We had imaginary conversations with her while playing, having snack and even while taking a bath. We hoped every morning on our way to school that Sammy would be there each day. Before we left school, we had to make sure Sammy got a hug goodbye too. If you asked Gavin: "Is Sammy your girlfriend?" He would say, "Noooo, she's my best friend." I'm glad for that. We like Sammy, and she's cute too!

The last week of school, they had Wacky Hair Day. The kids love it and look forward to it every year. We made Gavin look like Grass. We tried to stick worms and bugs in it, but it wasn't going to stay in place during school, so it was just a grass look that day!

Brooklyn's Field Day 2011

I'm a bit behind posting some events that have taken place these last few months. I guess it's never too late, right?!

Brooklyn had her 2nd Grade Field Day a month or so ago and me and boys got to go and watch her participate in the events. As I was looking though the photos, I realized I took more videos than photos. So, here are the two I took.

Brooklyn with her good friends and classmates:

Jillian, Brooklyn, Shelby & Sarah

Not a picture Boy!

Landen has a great sense of humor. While he was sitting in his high chair the other day, he was being goofy so I went to grab the camera. But, when I told him to smile cause I was going to take his picture, he did this...

Then he smiled.

He went from being happy and goofy to whining cause he didn't want the camera around.

Monday, June 13, 2011

"Old MacLanden Had a Farm" Party Part 2

His first tractor ride!

"Old MacLanden Had a Farm" Party Part 1

I like to go all out for 1st birthdays. So this time for Landen's we had an "Old MacDonald Theme."

His little cake along with the farm animals cupcakes I made for him
This kids table
The grown ups table
I covered landen's high chair with the cow print fabric and he's wearing a bandana bib!
Going on a tractor ride with Grandpa.

Grandpa got a flat tire on the trailer. All the kids had to walk home. :) & :(
My little man in the trailer. The tire is fixed, now it's his turn.
My pride and joys (minus Brian)
Eatin' cake!
And more cake...
And even more...
Sugar coma! and chocolate in the nose.
So much cake in his hair, it was able to stay in a mohawk.

I think he had a great birthday celebration. Happy Birthday little man.

June 11th, Birthday boy!

My baby is one. How did that happen? He brings so much joy and love to our family. He has a special bond with Brooklyn and Gavin that is hard to put into words.

When Brooklyn walks into the room, he instantly smiles and gets happy. He would watch her walk to the bus stop every morning out the back window, and that's how he learned to wave bye bye. When she comes home, he waits at the top of the stairs for his kiss from her. She always showed up! He will sit on her lap and let her read books or play toys. She can calm him when he's upset, it must be her soothing voice (She gets that from Daddy). Brooklyn says all the time that she: "can't believe he's here." Yes, a year later and she still says it. Her favorite part about Landen is: "when he giggles."

Gavin's bond with him is soooo different. Landen tries to show off in front of Gavin. He knows that Gavin will get goofy with him and they can be wild together. He likes to wrestle with him. He loves to get chased by Gavin. You should see how fast that boy can crawl away. His little voice gets loud (He get's that from me) when he is trying to get Gavin's attention. Gavin can look at him silly and Landen will bust up laughing. Then if anyone else tries to do it, he doesn't laugh. Gavin's favorite part about Landen is: "He's my brother."

My little man is such a sweet baby. He's so easy. He will sit in a stroller for the longest time if we are out and about and not complain once. He observes everything around him. He is a little sensitive. When we say "no" he starts to pout. He also thinks he can throw a temper tantrum in this house. Right now it's so funny watching him do it, so we have to look away, but when he gets a little older, there will be none of that. I've never had a child throw one before. He put's his head way back then rolls onto his tummy, then rolls onto his back and throws his head forward. I'll need to get it on video one of these days. His naps are like clock work. He'll sleep anywhere, car seat, pack-n-play, friends crib, his crib, mommy & daddy's shoulder :). He can't walk yet, but is close. He's trying hard to say different sounds instead of the mama, dada, bahbah sounds. I love my little man. Our family is so blessed to have him in our home. Happy Birthday Landen!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Funny boy

Okay, watch this video first, then I'll tell you what it was all about...

Gavin got this noise thing (I don't know what it's called) and has been yelling in the tube and Landen has watched him for the past few days. Gavin was down stairs and Landen decided to try it out. I was taping when we heard Gavin yell something downstairs and started coming up. Look how fast Landen drops it and crawls away hoping to not get caught. Such a stinker. Now go watch it again :)