Thursday, July 3, 2008

Brooklyn said Whhhaaaatttt?

So, my sweet, adorable, loving, precious daughter is starting to get a little A*T*T*I*T*U*D*E!

I was leaving for Young Women's last night and was kissing her goodnight, she said she didn't want me to go and I told her:

"Brooklyn, Mommy has a life too ya know!"

She said:

"Well, I don't like mommies life!"

I don't think she realized how that sounded, but it caught me off guard. The funny thing is, I remember saying that to my mom all the time too (about not wanting her to go). I guess it was only a matter of time before I experienced the same situation.

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Mari said...

Brooklyn is so funny! And imagine, your daughter having an :).. You know I mean that well and that I love you. It seems like with most kids they always want to be with you and the next second they're embarrassed by you. At least she still enjoys your company, even if she doesn't like your life :)