Friday, February 1, 2008

February 1, 2008

Well I don't even know where January went. I wanted to post a few fun experiences through out the month, but did I get to it? NO!

We went Ice Skating with Brooklyn for the very first time. We waited for a day that we weren't going to freeze our hands and faces off, then went for a few minutes before the cold set back in again. She LOVED it. It was so cute seeing her try to balance and use her toe picks! I think my back hurt more when we were done than her bottom (I held her up most of the time). We didn't get much practice in, but were going again tomorrow. We waited to get her into any sports until she came to us and said what she was interested in, and it looks like we might have found her calling. She's tall, thin and all legs. I think she would be an adorable ice skater! We'll keep you informed on that hobby later.

Gavin is almost 2 and definetely acting it out. I am really struggling with him. It's a rude awakening after having Brooklyn not even hit a terrible anything yet. I'm so worried that we'll have terrible 2's, 3's, 4's, etc. with Gavin. He can be so sweet and gentle, like in Nursery. He's the only boy with about 8 girls. They love him, and he is so sweet for the 2 hours on Sunday at Nursery, but as soon as he gets home, the boy comes out! He must be making up for the time he missed out having to be good and sweet.
We had to purchase a crib tent for him. He was starting to climb out of the crib, but would fall instead of easily slide down, so instead of rushing to the ER and paying thousands, we put mommy at ease by purchasing a $65.00 Tent that zips him in there and he can't get out until I get him out! I LOVE IT! I'll have to post a picture of that soon.


Mari said...

Aaw, Brooklyn would make a gorgeous ice skater! But then she would make a gorgeous everything. The crib tent sounds pretty cool. Gavin will be an expert camper in no time! I bet the two hour break you get at church is welcome relief.

Ryan & Andie said...

Brooklyn looks so much like you, Mia! She looks like she's a natural at the ice skating thing.

Amen to the crib tent! My kids have all slept in cribs till age three when their brother/sister came along and they got the boot. Mason can stay in one till he's twelve as far as I'm concerned! So much easier than worrying about what's going on while Mom and Dad are still sleeping.