Monday, February 4, 2008

"Go Fish Game" - Feb.4, 2008

I had to tell a funny story that happened tonight. We put Gavin to bed and told Brooklyn that she could stay up and we would play her Stawberry Shortcake "Go Fish" game with her. But we were only going to play it twice, and that's all. Then she would have to brush her teeth and go to bed. So, after our first game was over, I was getting a bit tired, and I think Brian was too. We were down to the very last couple cards in our hand when I asked Daddy if he had The Pony card and he told me "Go Fish." So I drew. Next it was Brooklyn's turn and she only had one card left in her hand, and she looked at me, then to Daddy and Said "Daddy, do you have the Pony?" At first, we were in shock, thinking, why did she ask him, she knew I had it, but then it became apparent, when we looked at her face, and she knew it was going to be bed time if she got rid of her last card. We looked at eachother and busted out laughing, cause we just couldn't believe she figured out how to procrastinate ending the game. It just goes to show, that kids are a lot smarted than we think. She brings a joy to our face just thinking of her.


Ryan & Andie said...

It's a good thing you are on to Brooklyn's tricks so she won't be able to pull the wool over your eyes when she is 16!

Mari said...

Brooklyn is the coolest! What a smarty! And the new pic of her and Gavin is so cute. Mia and Brian, your kids are awesome!