Wednesday, January 2, 2008

December 6th & 7th

On Thursday, we went on more Hotel Tours and then went put put golfing in the evening. We lasted about 9 holes before Gavin became unruly! It wasn't easy keeping him in the stroller any longer, so we had to stop the madness and walk around with him a lot!

The last day, Friday, we took a drive up to the Orlando Temple and took some pictures. It was a wonderful trip. We ask Brooklyn all the time what her favorite thing about Florida was. She answers back 3 things every time. 1 - The pool (we rented a house and had our own pool, so they swam quite a bit) 2- Bippiddi Boppiddi Botique 3 - The warm weather. She tells us she wants to live in Florida. I honestly can't blame her right now. It's below 20 degrees right now.

We hope to visit Florida again in 2009!


Mari said...

Minnesota is way too cold. I think you guys should move back to UT (I won't tell you the temp it is here right now though). I'm glad you guys had fun!

Ryan & Andie said...

Mia I love your blog. Looks like Florida was fun and very very warm! We are trying to be better about keeping up on our blog too. We really need to get together sometime! And really do it, not just say we're going to do it! :-)

Erin said...

Mia!! You cut your hair!! It looks so cute! Florida looks like so much fun!! We're so jealous! Take care!