Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April At Last

Well, Happy April everyone. I'm so glad it's here, however Spring is taking it's time showing itself. I am so ready to be outside. We're pretty busy, but the kids are screaming to get outside more.

April Fools day came and went this year, but not without some pretty cruel jokes. I look forward to it every year. I prepare myself the night before, and it's the first thing in my head when I wake up. Brian, however, has decided he does not like April Fools Day. There's just no need for it, he says. It probably had to do with the message I left on his work phone that morning and didn't say April Fools, until his next message. I think his heart skipped a beat or two. I can't tell you what it was, incase someone is reading this, I wouldn't want them to know they were part of my evil plan. You all know how it is, right?!

I did however, get my mom pretty bad. She was planning on taking Brooklyn overnight that night, so I called her and told her I had good news and bad news and that I needed to tell her myself so she wouldn't hear it from Brooklyn tonight. The good news was Brian got a promotion, the bad news... I didn't even need to say it, she said, "NO, where are you moving?" I told her to Bucktown, Nebraska (I made it up). She asked where that is, I told her that Brian's company is building a new headquarters more centralized and wants him to manage a department. She kept on asking where that is. "It's probably in the middle of nowhere" she said. I told her she's right, because "April Fools!" She was not happy and hung up on me. After a good laugh, she called back. All is good.

Here is some pictures of Brooklyn trying to be a cowgirl. The hat was Gavin's Halloween costume and it does not fit her head at all. It doesn't even fit his head. Cute though!


Ryan & Andie said...

Mia, how could you do that to your mother?! ;-)

Jeff and Amy said...

Ok, I'm dying to know what you said to Brian - I'll have to ask him :) The pictures of Brooklyn are way cute!

Mari said...

I am definitely glad you never tried an April Fool's joke on me! I hope your mom pays you back ;)