Sunday, December 30, 2007

My New Years Goal

Happy New Years everyone!

I decided that the easiest way to let everyone know what's going on in the Head Family, is to create a blog. "My plan" is to update this often, but definetely monthly. I would have to say, I had a little encouragment from other Blogs we've seen come our way in the last few months. You know who you are, I love the updates, so "Thank you!"

Our family had a wonderful and quite busy month of December. We started off the month by visiting Orlando, FL and the Magic Kingdom. My family all met down there and spent a week in the warmth of the sun, while Minnesota got the first snow storm of the season. As I'm sure you can guess, we were really bummed we missed it. The snow was, however, there when we returned on the 8th.

We had a couple weeks to shop for Christmas, Decorate, and enjoy the Minnesota weather before we headed out again on Christmas Eve to Utah with Brian's Family. We realized that this was a bit too much Airplane Travel with a 21 month old little boy. But, we had to get the free travel in before he turns 2 in March. We had a wonderful Christmas and Utah decided to give us a white Christmas too. We felt very much at home!

So, with this new goal in mind, bear with me for a while until I get the hang of this layout!
Happy New Year to you all. Talk to you soon!


Gary said...

I LOVE the glad you decided to join the club!! Florida looked like fun!! It sounds heavenly to be in the warmth of the sun....yes, we're BURIED in snow out west in Idaho! The kids look great...they're getting so BIG! Take care and we'll keep checking back!!

Erin & Chris

Brian said...

yeah mia!!

what a great idea. i can't wait to check back for more updates. it's helpful for us even though we're local. :)


Mari said...

Mia, I love your blog and the pics! My family is slowly getting into this blog thing as well so maybe I'll join you sometime. In the meantime, it's great hearing from you and hope to be able to read a lot more from you often!

ProudPapa said...

I really enjoy your artistry, Mia. That goes for your clever content, as well. I wish you could/would take over the design and content of As it is, I hope you don't mind if I abstract your blog in total and include it in the family website.