Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Sorry for the delay in updating the blog again. We recently had some issues with our computer, and I'm pretty sure we lost files and a lot of pictures. It makes me sick to think about. It was my fault, because I tried downloading an old cd with a game on it for Brooklyn, and next thing we know, the computer crashed. Brian has worked pretty hard to get it recovered, but in doing so, a lot of the new files and pictures from December on are gone. Can anyone say, BLAH!


ProudPapa said...

Sorry about that. It happened to us, too. Our computer died. It wouldn't boot either from the hard drive or the CD-rom. I took it to the hospital where almost everything on it was destroyed.

Fortunately I back things up! So we restored all the data. We only lost about 4 days worth of e-mails (because of my lack of discipline in backing up Eudora). But we did lose all our progams. I don't back them up. And the process of restoring them has been a week-long effort and is still not done. (We still can't print nor scan.)

Anyway, I recommend backups. Our network of servers is available for that. Procrastination setting it up can be... unfortunate.

Mari said...

I think we've all had some sort of experience like this. It's a huge hassle and a lot of work. But you guys are smart so I have a good feeling. Good luck with it all!

Mia said...

Thanks Dad. We do have a back up that we have stored everything on. Unfortunetely we only lost things from a couple week period as well, because we made changes and forgot to update the backup system. I'm just sick that we lost all the Christmas Day pictures. This was a great age for Gavin and Santa presents. Too bad.

Carebear said...

Oh Mia! That is NO fun!