Saturday, February 9, 2008

Brooklyn Ice Skating

**Video has been removed :(**

I finally figured out how to add the videos to the Blog. Took me long enough. Anyway, Here is Brooklyn skating. The blue device that you see my mom taking away is a device for beginner skaters. The sweet old man that works in the warming house made it for the little kids he sees come skating for the first time. It actually worked great. And it saved my back. This is so fun watching her get a kick out of this sport. There were a couple close calls in this video of her falling, however she did catch herself, but not every time! ENJOY.


Mari said...

How cute! What an impressive skater! Your Mom looks great too, don'tcha know. Looks like you guys are having a great time.

Jeff and Amy said...

Okay Mia, we need an update! How is everyone doing? Anymore ice skating for Brooklyn? She is sooo cute. Hope all is well with the fam!

ProudPapa said...

Ah, ha! The video got removed! must do that after a while. All the more reason to abstract your content in a timely fashion to preserve it.