Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Downtown Disney - December 4th

On Tuesday we went to Downtown Disney, because the girls (Brooklyn, Adisyn and Kendyl) all had appointments with their Fairy God Mothers in Training at the Bibiddi Bopiddi Botique. Brooklyn chose a Hair due with extensions. She looked adorable and I'm pretty sure that her cheeks hurt her by the end of the day. We took plenty pictures, and lots of video. They even got pixie dust sprinkled all over her (We were still trying to scrub it out of her hair a week later). It's a memory though.
We then walked around Downtown Disney and went shopping like crazy. It was a lot of fun.
Later in the afternoon we did a tour of the Disney Hotels. They were all just beautifully decorated for Christmas like you wouldn't believe. It was a great day.

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